Hair Care Tips!


Hair Care tips

Virgin hair should be cared for like it is your own to allow maximum longevity!


  • Sealing wefts help prevent shedding.
  • After cutting wefts, sealing at ends will help prevent shedding.
  • Air dry hair rather than blow dry.
  • Wash with conditioner once a week (if you use shampoo, use minimal.
  • Deep condition when you feel necessary (work conditioner with a bit of water in the hair, put in a plastic bag or zip lock bag for at least an hour, then wash & air dry).
  • Comb hair starting from bottom.
  • Use heat protectant spray.
  • Use leave in conditioner to keep the hair soft as possible.
  • Sparsely use oil (very little to avoid build up & hair getting heavy).
  • Braid hair when sleeping.
  • Sleep with a silk or satin hair net or scarf.