Why Január?

There are numerous hair companies, so why us?

For one, we have been on the consumer side and have personally dealt with all of the difficulties that can come with looking for the perfect trustworthy vendor. We also know how stressful it can be to buy bundles, then look for someone to make it into a wig, and then color / cut. That being said we decided to bring the convenience to one platform. A one stop wig shop!

We also know how  tedious it may be for first time virgin hair purchaser, that is why we offer real time communication via email, or simply Instagram or Facebook. Ask us as many questions as you have and receive suggestions. We even offer beginner wigs for an easy install! 






Customer service can be unfavorable with some of our favorite shops, especially when it comes to hair. Extended response times, and at times we may not even get a response after the company has received their payment. That being said, customer service is extremely important to us, we are with you until you install your extensions / wig to ensure you are completely contempt with your purchase.

About our products

All of our products were hand picked, tested, and trusted. We do not sell anything we do not use. We put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that our products are exactly what we promote. Január's hair consists of virgin Brazilian and Indonesian hair extensions. As well as mink lashes ranging from 22mm to

27 mm in length. We offer a wide variety of lash options so you can switch up your look however you'd like. All of our lashes will last over 15 uses with little maintenance required! All of our hair is completely virgin (no synthetic mixtures), cuticles intact (to avoid shedding), wefts flat (to give you the most natural look possible). With our variety of hair textures you can rock anything from bone straight, to a kinky curly look. Január hair allows versatility, you can bleach or dye, straighten or curl, make it into a wig or get it sewn in. With proper care you hair will last over a year! With our Queen's collection featuring raw Indonesian hair your hair can last over three years with proper care!