Pure Blonde Straight Lace Closure

Pure Blonde Straight Lace Closure

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Január Pure Blonde Straight Lace Closure allows you to have a natural looking install without the hassle of leaving your hair out. All closures are free part, giving you the freedom to style as you wish. Just like our bundles, you can straighten, curl, dye, bleach, wash it, and over all, play with it like it is your own! 

  • Baby hairs
  • Natural hairline gradient
  • Intact cuticles (less shedding) 

All hair types will last over a year with proper care and the differences between them are not very noticeable.

Brazilian: Soft and thick, most durable, and blends well with most hair textures.

Malaysian: Has the most shine. Heavy density, voluminous, blends better with relaxed textures, and requires more upkeep.

Peruvian: Thickest & most coarse texture. Out of the 3, this blends best with African American hair and requires the least upkeep.


(Hair is measured at its stretched length)

(All hair is virgin so they will come in a natural darker brown color)